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Recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure and Beer Domestic production of malt production, accelerated beer Wine Barley production specialization and regionalization.

Barley under controlled conditions, after steeping, germination, dry, eradicate the operation, the production is called malting. Malting barley to be in front of impurity and grading to 2.2,2.5,2.8 mm aperture of the screen surface to grain of wheat into a large, medium and small three separate feed for steeping, germination and malt uniform solubility. Operation points are as follows:

One after the election to pick a net wheat wheat inclusion shall not exceed 0.15%; kernel of uniformity, and the abdominal diameter 2.2 mm or more than 93% kernel; selected rate is generally 80% -90% .

Two alternate steeping take without water soaking method is steeping process, the first water to barley soaking, and then the water let go, let barley exposed to air later have repeatedly flooded and without water, has been achieved degree required by steeping up. Is to "dip 4 4 off" operation Example: Start feeding when the flooding and floating sludge to float to wheat, 2 hours after changing the water. In the second steeping water by adding water 1% -3% of quicklime, into milk of lime steeping. Its role as disinfection, dissolved the mucus kernel, pigment and tannin, to reduce the color and the bitter taste of malt. After 4 hours continuous immersion, 4 hours without water, regular ventilation, until the kernel moisture content of 43% -45%. Water temperature 17 -18 , the steeping operation is about 60 hours, steeping for 32 hours without water 28 hours. Often change when steeping fresh water into the air every half hour 5 minutes -10 minutes; without water when the air 15 times, each time for 20 minutes -30 minutes, the supply of air to carbon dioxide and heat emission. Low temperature in winter, should flooding for a long time without water short. High temperature in summer, should flooding short, without water for a long time.

3, germination in the final germination steeping time or early, using 0.15ppmGA processing section to promote and regulate the growth of wheat with good results. It can reduce the germination of two days -3 days, reducing the system loss of 0-4% wheat, 2% increase extracts to promote Starch Hemicellulase enzymes and proteolytic enzymes variety of enzyme activity, can break the kernel of dormancy and improve germination ability, and can improve the mechanical damage of barley kernels and low-activity solubility.

4, the germination of barley germination method according to set conditions, can be divided into floor type, ventilation type, such as tower and continuous. Ventilation includes box and the tank. Intermittent ventilation is a single box-type germination, for example, to illustrate the germination management: barley after steeping into the germination box, immediately turned mixed, so from the bottom of the steeping water discharge. Thickness of 0.6 m -1 wheat, rice, wheat too thick layer of impact ventilation, Michael layer temperature difference. Michael layer too thin device and power is not economic, and Michael layer will be dry. Accumulation in the wetting phase, the beginning of access 10 -14 in dry air to remove excess water from the surface of kernels, and then pass into the 10 -14 , wet air, used to adjust the temperature of wheat floor, so that wheat surface temperature gradually increased, within 24 hours to 14 . After steeping the barley in this temperature for 24 hours after the start germination. Because respiration, Michael layer temperature gradually increased, continuous access to 10 -14 , wet air, controlled temperature, daily temperature is about 1 , so the first 5 days to 18 -20 , then remained in this temperature or the gradually decreased to 14 germination. Temperature should be kept below 20 , daily breakfast, and night ventilation 1, Michael layer, the temperature difference between the l -2 . Germination strong mix of turn to ground, turning later to stop mixing ventilation, to bud withered.

5, dry dry and my beer, malt, usually with indirect heating in paragraph 1 above the level of -3 baked dry tower. The structure includes heating device, horizontal drying beds and ventilation devices. Drying beds are single beds, double, or three, each layer is called a period. Small breweries generally more double bed drying. Baking time to 24 hours. Malt in the upper 24 hours before, should take 20 -25 low temperature, strong ventilation, drain water and prevent the continuation of hydrolysis kernel to reduce the destruction of the enzyme to maintain the endosperm showed loose silty conditions such as temperature rising too quickly , malt become durum. Temperature gradually rose to 50 -55 , moisture decreased to 8% -12%, that is baking into the lower stage. For light malt, not much hope that pigment formation is still to keep some flavor, and hope that at higher temperatures, so that solidification of nitric degeneration solidification, as well as to remove the effects of micro bubble fat. Green malt smell with green, when the baking temperature continues to rise to 2 hours, the temperature to quickly rise to 85 , water content dropped to 2% -5%, to produce coke malt flavor. The high concentration of color malt, asked to produce more pigment and coke flavor. Baking temperature to be raised to 100 -105 . Good standard malt drying, the moisture is about 2% -4%, in water does not sink, there is obviously a big sniff of the Big Mac, particle expansion, white wheat kernel, wheat root easily fall off. 6, eradicate by dried malt, root is Jiaocui, as long as the friction can be a little off. Therefore, the tower after the dry malt, shall immediately go to eradicate. Destroy a rotating machine usually used slow roll of metal mesh, speed 20 r / min, playing board speed quickly turn -170 160 r / min to the same direction of rotation, wheat root easily fall off by mechanical impact, but the metal mesh to weed out. Bud light malt is about 2% -3.5%, concentrated color malt bud about 3% -5%. Slightly off the bud collected by cooling, should the sealed package, for the manufacture of composite materials phospholipase film, after extracting the root of drug residue may act as a livestock feed. Exciting content to recommend:
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Production And Processing Of Malt Beer - Beer Malt, Beer, Malt Processing, Beer Production - Food

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Production And Processing Of Malt Beer - Beer Malt, Beer, Malt Processing, Beer Production - Food

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