The latest LED cooling solutions

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If you attended the 2011June LED Guangya Exhibition, you must like me a great feeling.

LED enterprises more and more, and LED large enterprises more and more, even the previously engaged in household appliances industry

" United States" and " SKYWORTH" are made of LED lighting. This exhibition has 20pavilions,

Nearly 6000of LED enterprise ginseng family.

Today we will introduce LED thermal design method of reference: Why high temperature on thermal design of electronic products? : the effect of insulation degradation; Component damage; thermal aging; low melting point solder joint weld cracking, shedding. Effect of temperature on the components: Generally speaking, temperature resistance reducing; High temperature will reduce the service life of the capacitor; High temperature will make the transformer, choke coil insulation performance, general transformer, choke coil allows the temperature to below 95C; Temperature is too high will cause solder alloy structure changes - IMC thickening, solder embrittlement, reduction of mechanical strength; Junction temperature rise will make the transistor current magnification increases rapidly, LED Flood Light to the collector current increases, and the junction temperature increase further, ultimately leading to component failure.

Thermal design for the purpose of controlling product all internal electronic components temperature, To make it in the work environment conditions do not exceed the standards and specifications for maximum temperature. Maximum allowable temperature calculation should be based on the components of the stress analysis based on, And the product reliability requirements and are each assigned to a component failure rates are consistent. flexible led strip lighting heat radiation design according to fluid dynamics software simulation and foundation design. Fluid flow resistance: due to the fluid viscosity and solid boundary effects, The fluid in the flow of the process by the resistance, the resistance called flow resistance, Can be divided into frictional resistance and local resistance two.

The resistance along the way: in the boundary along the invariant region, Fluid along the whole process of friction resistance. Local LED flood lights resistance at the boundaries: dramatic changes in the area, such as the section suddenly expands or abruptly narrowed, elbow and other local position, Is a fluid state dramatic changes resulting from the flow resistance.

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The latest LED cooling solutions

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This article was published on 2012/05/26