What Is Laptop Cpu Normal Temperature?

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Many people care about their laptop(Sony VGP-BPS8A battery) cpu temperature, especially in summer. Now I would tell you guys the real thing. Notebook ideal temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature of 30 degrees, so we can use the environment according to their own books to judge.

CPU temperature is too high will cause the computer to crash. For laptop will cause the fan speed operation, resulting in the machine noise is too large. CPU temperature is too high may be caused by defective design, program load too heavy, fan failure or dust to blur. Therefore be preferable to monitor the CPU temperature, timely detection of problems. And reduce the cpu can extend the life of the issue.

When the temperature is too high, you can check the computer through the Task Manager's performance, if it is too high cpu load may be too low, computer configuration, run the program too much, or computer with a virus (if the suspect, quickly check narcotics, can first use the free online scans). If the CPU load is no problem, you need to check the fan is working, cpu fan and dust the surface is too much.

As far as possible their own laptop(laptop battery) CPU temperature at 75 degrees or less, not more than 85 degrees, Note: This refers to the temperature of a notebook CPU core temperature, which is detected by the CPU master Lu temperature.

How to control and prevention

In order to control the temperature, you can do the following:
1, view the CPU usage to see is not what the software is running in the background or in the virus;
2, air conditioning (cooling and air conditioning thermostat related);
3, replace the CPU fan clean up dust, checking the internal CPU silica gel (cooling effect may not);
4, with the home fans and play on a good effect (cooling effect of wind into the area about 4-9 degrees);
5, padded laptops and desktop height (about 2-6 degrees cool);
6, buy a notebook(Dell inspiron 6400 battery) cooling pad (about temperature 4-15 degrees).
7, not their laptops on a blanket or bed to run, these materials are not conducive to laptop(Dell Inspiron 1501 Battery) heat, if we must run, then buy a notebook cooling pad.

For laptop, buy a cooling pad is a good way or download a software monitoring and cooling. And CPU Idle Extreme and CPU Cool are good results, you can search them from google.com.
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What Is Laptop Cpu Normal Temperature?

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This article was published on 2010/12/14